How to Fix a Slow Computer

A list of steps to help you fix a slow computer and make your Windows system work faster

A slow computer can be one of the most frustrating situations, especially when it’s necessary to get important tasks done quickly on a PC. My ultimate fix for a slow computer running Windows is to use a different operating system, such as Linux Ubuntu. But sometimes it’s necessary to keep Windows in order to use software that’s not compatible with Linux.

Viruses are one of the most significant causes of a slow Windows system. People have been creating viruses for a long time, and unfortunately Windows is a major target. Many companies have produced anti-virus programs to try to combat this problem, but the anti-virus software often slows your system down because it is constantly running on your system while you work on other things. Ultimately, this means many anti-virus programs have design flaws. And sometimes, even though you have an anti-virus program, a virus can still get onto your computer and cause your anti-virus to stop it’s ability to quarantine and remove the viruses. Despite these issues, viruses are not always the major problem with your operating system. Below is a list of things you can do to improve your computer’s operating system and make it run faster.

1. Get rid of unnecessary software such as browser toolbars and multiple anti-virus programs.
2. Download CCleaner. Run it to get rid of temporary internet files and other unnecessary files.
3. Run msconfig in Windows, and check to see which programs are initialized during the Windows start-up process. Eliminate the ones you feel you can start yourself. Doing this will help your computer start faster.
4. Download and install Malwarebytes, a program that will help detect and eliminate viruses on your computer. Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking, and run Malwarebytes.
5. Use a good anti-virus program that won’t bog your system down. I like Avira.
6. Watch out for additional software such as a new browser toolbar when installing a single program.
7. Don’t purchase any products advertised on TV that claim to make your computer faster.

Sometimes viruses interfere with the Windows system so much that you will need to re-install your operating system to get your computer working the way it should. Before doing so, back up all of your files and save them to a different hard drive. Once you know your files are saved an a different device, proceed with the re-installation. After Windows finishes the installation process, you will need to re-install your software and transfer your files back on to your new Windows system.

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